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Groups of 5 to 8 available.

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You’ve heard about those teams – the ones that succeed regardless of the challenges they face. The ones where people love to work together. And where they create phenomenal results.

These teams don’t just happen by accident. A lot of intentional effort goes into creating the Dream Team culture. And this is your chance to build Dream Team dynamics into your department, business, or group!

Drawing from “”The Five Dysfunctions of Team”” by Patrick Lencioni, your team will explore what it means to be vulnerable with eachother, to engage in honest conversation, and to hold themselves accountable for results.

You Will LEARN:

  • trusting each other
  • unfiltered conflict
  • commitment to decisions
  • accountability for results
  • commitment to collective success

The RESULTS you can expect:

There is a vast chasm between understanding how a Dream Team operates, and actually creating the culture required. Your team will experience what it means to behave as a cohesive unit, and progress along their journey to becoming a Dream Team.

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Group Size:

5, 6, 7, 8


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